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That was beautiful. Let's have some more.

Dave: What’s your problem?

Kerry: You Malucci, you’re my problem.

Dave: Why? Because I don’t kiss your ass? I mean yeah I like to have fun sometimes but I’m a damn good doctor, I had half a dozen great saves today.

Kerry: Yeah, being a doctor is more than just great saves.

Dave: Oh right, so I need to adopt your cheery attitude and sparkling bedside manner. This isn’t about my performance or my rotations; you just don’t like me.

Kerry: You’re right, I don’t like you. You have no respect for me, your co-workers, this hospital, anything. You like to think you have this whole cowboy approach to medicine but the truth is you don’t have the goods to back it up, so you make mistakes. Mistakes that kill people!

Dave: I need this job, you can’t fire me. I have a kid to support.

Kerry: Since when? You never said anything about being a father.

Dave: Did you ever ask? You don’t know a damn thing about me.

Kerry: Well I know you’re fired.

Dave: You’re a sad, cold hearted bitch! Do you know that?

Kerry: Somebody call security.

Dave: You may not like me, but nobody here likes you.

Kerry: Get out.

Dave: You know why this damn ER is so important to you lady, do you know why? Because it’s the only thing you’ve got in your life. Nazi dyke!

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    THIS SCENE. I still can’t believe they dropped the “I have a kid” bomb and then wrote Dave off the show. No explanation...
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    —————————-> This scene makes me sad after just watching Kerry/Dave’s brief interactions in Season 6’s All in the Family...
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    One of the BEST meltdowns ever!! Fucking bitch deserved every word
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    I LOVE YOU KERRY WEAVER! Fuck you dave, fuck you.
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