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That was beautiful. Let's have some more.

Every moment of every day

It’s you who I’m thinking of

What has been

What could be

All the memories still to make

The things to learn from each other

Moments of perfection

You and me

I’m sorry things became so difficult

And it turned into such a mess

But I truly believe

We can salvage something great

For our love is strong and beautiful

You make me a better person

You are my sunshine

You are my soulmate ♥

Goes for a ‘nap’ at 8pm - falls into a deep sleep and wakes up at 1am.

Confused, alone and upset.

My body’s a mess, it doesn’t know what’s happening or where it even is.

I am no longer certain of anything.

The only thing I know for sure is that the love I feel for him is real. It’s my only truth to hold onto.

All my thoughts turn to him. I want to share everything I see with him. I want to be with him. I don’t know how to live without him any more…

Each moment that I spend with you

Brings perfection to my day

I’m falling more and more for you

in every single way.

I want your body, I want your soul,

I want you by my side.

For I knew life could never be the same

from the moment our worlds did collide.

People say they’d cross the ocean for love

That’s exactly how we found each other.

A journey. A destination. A fate.

From thousands of miles, to beside one another.

And I’d cross it again a million times

I’d travel to Timbuktu

To be honest I’d travel to any place

If it meant I could be with you.

"What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?"

John green (via holaitselina)

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Managed to fit in five movies during the flight; Never Let Me Go, Maleficent, Cloud Atlas, The Fault in Our Stars and The Grand Budapest Hotel. To be honest I cried for about 75% of the flight, but I was in floods with Never Let Me Go, Cloud Atlas and The Fault in Our Stars. They all gave such a unique and beautiful view of love and life. They showed just how short life is and how you have to seize opportunities that present themselves. It broke my heart watching the first kiss between Kathy and Tommy (NLMG) - seeing how much love was between them and knowing that they didn’t have much time to spend together. It made me think of my situation and how precious the time we did get to spend together was, but it just makes me want to be with him all the more. It’s so sad to let a once in a lifetime love slip away, even if it’s not easy…

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How long does it take to fall in love?
One moment.
One moment in time when you look into their eyes and see everything and nothing.
You see everything you would ever want or need within their soul -
And in that moment nothing else exists.

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